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I am Spiritual Director/Companion in training at The Art of Spiritual Direction - Ghost Ranch.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is a unique one-to-one relationship that explores the spiritual aspect of being human. A spiritual director is a privileged witness in the spiritual unfolding of another person. The focus is on the relationship between the “directee” and God, rather than on the relationship between the director and directee.

What happens in spiritual direction?

People experience and respond to God/Spirit, or the Divine, in different ways. This is influenced in part by their life experience, their personality, and their cultural and religious backgrounds. The focus of spiritual direction is discerning the movement of the Spirit in the life of the “directee.”

What does spiritual direction offer?

Spiritual directors listen carefully to the unfolding of their directees’ lives to help them discern how the Divine is leading them. A director and directee have regular one-on-one meetings (usually about an hour, once a month) to more deeply explore the directee’s spiritual journey. We all need companions and guides on our spiritual journey.

If you would like to learn more about Spiritual Direction email me:
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